Our People

Meet Our Team

Our multicultural and multilingual group of seasoned professionals have diverse backgrounds providing Bambu Fund LLC an in-depth base of knowledge across industries. Team Bambu includes executive officers, counsel, directors and advisors with proven records of responsible stewardship of investment resources and facilities’ development; top-tier medical practitioners; and innovative leaders in corporations and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Executive Officers

Patrick G. Barclay, LL.M. | CEO and Chairman

Monique O. Nero, M.A. | Executive Vice President – Communications and Investor Relations


Bambu appreciates the following pioneers for their assistance.

Former Directors

Sue K. Barclay, M.D.

Monique Lawshe, M.B.A.

Former Senior Advisor

Natali Reyes, J.D.

Former Advisors

Eric Chatman, M.B.A.

Kurt A. Schindler, Ph.D., CFP

Juli-Anne Royes Russo, Ph.D.