Our Strategy

  • Bambu Fund provides socially responsible investment opportunities that support a critical, global need to move towards zero carbon emissions.
  • Bambu is redefining lifestyles through leading health and wellness initiatives creating jobs that provide living wages.
  • The Fund and its partners are the model choice for investment in things pertaining to healthy living in the Latin American Caribbean (LAC) region.

The Bambu Benefit

World-Class Health & Wellness Destinations and Services

Our private equity investments redefine health, wellness and medical tourism. Bambu Wellness provides well-designed health and wellness facilities in the Latin American Caribbean (LAC) region. Future facilities will include retirement living communities. Credentials of our board-certified medical personnel are verified via Bambu’s comprehensive, internationally connected data bank, the International Medical Services Credentialing Portal® (IMSCP®).


Bambu engages seasoned general contractors to best utilize sustainable business practices and technologies, ensuring the Fund’s ability to credibly and successfully manage the establishment and growth of its portfolio.

Balancing Profitable Investments with Purposeful Solutions

Bambu Fund encourages international diversification of investment interest where opportunity for growth and positive economic impact can be found. We meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability.

Commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goals

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