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    Market-leading Experience and Services
  • Economic Growth & Development
    Working to encourage international diversification of investment interest
    where opportunity for growth and positive economic impact can be found.
  • Balancing Profit & Purpose
    We meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental
    performance, public transparency and legal accountability.
  • World-Class Health & Wellness Destinations
    Private Equity Investment Redefining Health, Wellness and Medical Tourism

The Bambu Fund

We offer a unique blend of health care, senior living and related enterprises corporately domiciled in the U.S. Virgin Islands and governed by American law. An investment in the Bambu Fund LLC is an acquisition of a digital security that provides options for liquidity. Digital securities have modernized historically illiquid private placement shares via the process of tokenization. This means a hard asset such as real estate gets converted using blockchain technology with a minimum fixed value. The ability to bank property as a digitized asset convertible to cryptocurrency, permitting it to become the fiat currency of choice or another cryptocurrency puts us on the leading edge of finance and investment innovation.

Private Equity Investments

Redefining Health, Wellness and Medical Tourism

Putting capital to work; building potential for enhanced diversification and returns.

Global Perspective

Latin American Caribbean Region (LAC) Focused

The Bambu Fund’s leadership leverages relationships to utilize strategic partnerships within the LAC.

Unique Blend of Initiatives

Health Care, Senior Living and Related Enterprises

Utilizing business models with varied assets presenting high impact opportunities.

We Divide the Frontier Capital Opportunity into Three Segments

The Latin American Caribbean region (LAC) is strategically situated with highly desired multi-national tourism markets and several stable democratic governments.
Proven Model

Replicate and Adapt

The use of proven business models to identify where the bulk of existing venture capital (VC) money is already flowing and seeks to emulate an independent venture model that is well established in the medical sector.

Asset Light


Unproven business models that are asset light and serve lower-middle-income (LMI) populations; this segment represents under-tapped opportunity that can be unlocked using conventional venture capital structures.

Asset Intensive

Frontier Plus

Unproven business models that may be asset intensive, serve only lower-income groups and/or operate in countries with less developed capital markets; requiring investors to be more creative, but offering tremendous impact potential.

Facilitating Access

Practicing in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Bambu Fund has developed an integrative system forming the backbone of a comprehensive data bank of board-certified medical personnel.
72 Million
Senior population in America, more than 72 million by 2030
$25+ Billion
The size of the industry today between US$25 billion and US$40 billion
1+ Million
Outbound travelers for medical tourism in 2014 was just over 1 million

Our Partners

Bambu Fund works with some of the most effective organizations
around the world to help achieve our shared goals.
DRM International Learning Center
J. H. Dunstan & Associates Limited
The Spaulding Agency
Hamilton Multimedia