Pipeline of Opportunities

United Telemedicine Network

Santiago and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

After analyzing the general situation of health services in the Dominican Republic, the Bambu team working with developer Horacio Stagno noted there was significant investment potential owning the controlling interest in the land and facilities required to establish institutions providing health services at a high level, that can meet the demand and needs of the population affiliated to the Dominican Social Security System. From that moment, the idea of creating a premier hospital network, which operates under the Joint Commission International (JCI) standards was born. Physicians are able to participate directly in the operation of hospitals as partners by acquiring shares.

This project takes strength and is complemented by the association of Carlos Gomez, a successful Dominican entrepreneur who saw an excellent opportunity to expand and improve the services in the health sector. The two locations where chosen, because of the population density in the neighborhoods immediately surrounding the sites and the deficit in services. The first location in Santiago opened in 2018. The Santo Domingo location will open late 2019 or early 2020.

All designs, policies and procedures are in accordance with international standards. Credentialing of medical professionals affiliated with the facilities will be processed through the International Medical Services Credentialing PortalĀ®. The team intends to replicate the hospital model throughout the LAC region where the right balance of need, profitability and opportunity exits.

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