Pipeline of Opportunities

What Are We Looking For?

The Bambu Fund will identify active investments where ownership provides an opportunity to introduce new products or services to a broader international market. We will further strike a delicate balance between the delivery of health and wellness services and the necessity of owning the underlying real estate assets required.

Company qualities include:

  • High return on capital.
  • Barriers to entry.
  • Growing industry.
  • High margins relative to competition.

Management qualities of:

  • High insider ownership.
  • Being well-respected.
  • Clean accounting.
  • Infrequent restating of earnings.
  • Not overly promotional.

The Fund will support the creation of centers of excellence and partner in the growth and development of regional innovation bridging capital and business management with the ingenuity found in this emerging region. This combination of investment and business management are critical tools in the successful commercialization of locally proven ideas.

As a pooled investment fund, Bambu seeks to match our resources with capital from individual investors and institutions to make strategic investments managed by our professional team. Employing a transnational investment approach, makes it simpler and less risky than buying shares in individual companies across Latin America and the Caribbean. The concept of pooling money to increase investment opportunities and reduce risk is not new. Mutual funds, real estate investment trusts and master limited partnerships have given Wall Street the power to collect smaller amounts of money from many investors with the goal of increasing returns while reducing volatility. Today, many successful IRA investors adopt similar strategies to broaden their investment horizons. We believe in co-investment and prefer to focus on performance above asset gathering. At the core of Bambu’s philosophy is our belief in transparency. We are open about our ownership structure and our portfolio encouraging an effective alignment of interest between Bambu and our investors.

Our Pipeline

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