Leading Edge Finance and Investment Innovation

An investment in the Bambu Fund LLC is an acquisition of a digital security that provides options for liquidity. Digital securities have modernized historically illiquid private placement shares via the process of tokenization. Put simply, this means using blockchain technology to digitize assets and maintain transfers, records and ownership of private securities. Tokenization is only part of the equation to ensure a compliant offering with enhanced liquidity. Bambu is establishing a registered trust company in accordance with the regulation of cryptocurrencies under the 5th European Union (EU) Anti-Money Laundering Directive commencing in 2019-2020. We intend to stay ahead of the curve. This entity will have the legal capacity to act as a cryptocurrency exchange and digital wallet custodian. The benefit is that we can legally manage any type of asset in our portfolio including property and a variety of currencies and securities, as digitized assets. The ability to bank property as a digitized asset convertible to cryptocurrency, permitting it to become the fiat currency of choice or another cryptocurrency puts us on the leading edge of finance and investment innovation.

A Different Concept of Managing Care

Imagine a network where families can provide for the care of their loved ones anywhere in the world, having the additional capability of managing and controlling their health care data through a mobile electronic medical record (EMR) allowing those in need to have access when requested. Our global digital platform, known as the Bambu Wellness® Network, will introduce a solution that replaces antiquated ways of managing health care processes in the senior living, assisted living, medical spa and medical tourism space, boosting efficiency, effectiveness and transparency. The Bambu Wellness® Network means that individuals and families operating transnationally will have access to bureaucracy-free, affordable and quality health and wellness care targeted to their specific needs.

What would drive all of this is a medical network managed by a blockchain token, designed to provide the most effective care solutions. Bambu Wellness® serves as the linkage between facilities, health service providers, families and patients; all tied to smart contracts built on top of the Ethereum platform. The interoperability that blockchain provides across health and wellness systems, will enable the highest level of service for care on the broadest scale possible. Individuals will be able to access the best providers anywhere in the world by executing their own smart contracts. In addition to decentralized control of data, blockchain provides transparency and ease of tracking billing and payment records. Furthermore, utilizing cryptocurrency as a standard method for payments allows transactions to be handled at the personal mobile device level anywhere in the world, no matter the local currency.

Digitized Health Network

Bambu Wellness® Network issues its own tokens to drive the smart contract engagement between health care providers and individuals. This elevates service value by granting token owners full accomplishment of clinical guidelines for cases. Clients will engage with the Bambu Wellness® Network via Bambu Mobile® or Bambu Web®. The proprietary smart contract technology creates a single system of coordinates with clinical outcomes as a reference point. This is one of the first health and wellness uses of the Ethereum blockchain platform in the health and wellness space. The Bambu Wellness® Network is promoting this decentralized, cross-border ecosystem of health and wellness providers based on an open smart contract and cryptocurrency.

Blockchain technology is used to create smart contracts and payment systems between individuals or families and facilities, or patients and their doctors. In the latter case, the system helps set a market-based price between doctor and patient. The smart contract lays out milestones for diagnosis and treatment, with various metrics and checkpoints along the way. A patient puts money into the Bambu Wellness® system using cash or a credit card, and it is held there in a virtual currency wallet. As the doctor proceeds through the contract, some money is released along the way. The system also allows patients to list symptoms, suggest possible medical issues and then get matched with doctors who have expertise in those areas.

Currently, physicians and facilities in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, British Virgin Islands and U.S. Virgin Islands have been credentialed and approved to use the Bambu Wellness® platform. Bambu is looking to accelerate its growth into Panama, Trinidad, Ghana and Colombia. Clinics accept tokens as payment backed by a Bambu Wellness® Network guarantee to buy them at a fixed price. Patients do not have to purchase Bambu Wellness® tokens as they can pay in a local currency converted to the price of Bambu Wellness® tokens in Ether.

Blockchain technology, has been cited to be one of the catalysts of a paradigm shift in health care delivery. Blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger made of chronologically arranged immutable, distributive data between connected devices in a blockchain system. Records and transactions are stored in the blockchain system as blocks of data connected to previous records in the system to form a blockchain. The advantages of blockchain are its decentralized system of data control, as well as its validity, authenticity, transparency and security. The records and transactions in a blockchain system are encrypted with cryptographic keys with each user having a shareable key and a private key. This secures the data and ensures it cannot be accessed or used by unauthorized persons. This stored data is shared with each participant’s identity undisclosed.